Gibbons Fourth Annual E-Discovery Conference: Panel Discussion On Emerging Technologies In ESI Preservation, Collection And Processing

Gibbons Fourth Annual E-Discovery Conference concluded with a panel discussion on emerging technologies in the management of electronically stored information (“ESI”). The panel discussed the burdens of e-discovery and offered presentations on emerging technologies to make ESI management and production more cost effective, efficient and least disruptive of business.

  • Cloud-Based Litigation Hold Management – Sarah K. Centrella, Director of Fusion Cloud, Exterro, Inc., discussed the emerging technologies that allow companies and/or law firms to implement cloud-based litigation hold management through automated products that record notifications and acknowledgements of litigation hold notices, provide automated reminders and escalations and compile audit trails compliant with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Forensically Sound and Economical Self-Collection of ESI – Carmen Oveissi Field, AFT Principal, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, discussed economical collection and self-collection practices and technologies, the forensic concerns of self-collection, assessment of data infrastructure, and the importance of communication between legal counsel and IT departments in the development of a defensible ESI collection plan.
  • Efficient Data Processing – Eric Shirk, Principal and Technical Consultant, UHY Advisors, discussed the new technologies available to process data in the most effective manner in order to reduce the amount of reviewable data, as well as data processing and review best practices to reduce production errors and inadvertent disclosure of privileged materials.
  • New Keyword Technologies – Bobbie Basile, Senior Consultant, Information Analysis at RenewData, discussed the development of keyword searches from basic boolean word sequences to the analytical model that creates a mathematical formula of concepts based on the core issues of a matter that track trends and word usage, resulting in an increase in the efficiency and accuracy in processing of ESI for relevancy.

The panel also offered a presentation from Patrick V. DiDomenico, Chief Knowledge Officer of Gibbons, on the burdens associated with collecting, searching and producing ESI, the proportionality argument in defending against requests for discovery and shifting of fees and costs, and the impact on the cost-efficiencies as a result of emerging technologies.

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