Aquaponics Firm Wins 2013 Cleantech Open Global Ideas Award

ECF Farm Systems, a German company pioneering turnkey containerized fish and vegetable farming units for urban areas, won the prestigious Cleantech Open Global Ideas Award for 2013. Cleantech is the world’s largest clean technology accelerator. Often called the “Academy Award” of clean technology, the Global Ideas competition, in its fifth year, attracts early-stage start-ups with cutting edge clean technology ideas from around the world. The competitors are the national winners of the competitions in their own countries. ECF Farm Systems was selected from 28 finalists.

The ECF farm consists of a shipping container and attached greenhouse. The system is capable of growing 75 fish and over 400 varieties of vegetables. The system is specifically designed for an urban environment for use in existing buildings or new ones. The shipping container houses the fish farm component, while the attached greenhouse houses the hydroponic vegetable component. ECF farm systems are operated with a highly efficient aquaponic system. The metabolic products of the fish are converted within a biofilter to fertilizer. The same water from the fish circulation is used again for the plants. A patented system regulates the water and nutrient level for the planning cycle.

The ECF farm system was designed to combat the problem of food deserts, urban areas and rural areas without ready access to fresh, healthful and affordable food.

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