Financial Disaster Relief for Start-Ups – Yes, It Is Possible!

The specific challenge we are addressing here is for start-ups and other early-stage businesses.

Gibbons attorneys are heavily involved in advising businesses in all industries and of all sizes on the full range of state and federal coronavirus disaster relief programs available to them.

Start-ups and other early-stage companies face particular challenges in obtaining governmental relief. Gibbons understands this and is here to help. With our strong commitment to start-ups and other early-stage businesses, we recognize your dire need for funds for survival, as well as growth, at this critical period. We also recognize that the federal and state application requirements seem staggering.

Founding teams are confronted with overwhelming requests for tax returns, current financial statements, monthly sales figures, and similar requirements. Which aid program(s) should you pursue? How do you decide? How does a pre-revenue or newly launched start-up demonstrate to federal and state agencies substantial economic injury? How do you determine the best route for disaster assistance with the highest chance of short-term success and without being overwhelmed by red tape? What is its most recent pre-coronavirus valuation, and how was it justified – for example, thought independent third party investments or a verified order pipeline? How much economic loss has now occurred due to the crisis? How do you complete the forms to demonstrate this? How do you submit them and ensure action is taken on your behalf? How do you get to the top of a bureaucrat’s decision list?

This is where Gibbons comes in. Our Corporate, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Employment, Intellectual Property, and other attorneys have been dedicated for years to helping start-ups form their businesses, raise capital, hire teams, meet regulatory requirements, and build value, representing both the start-ups themselves, as well as individual, corporate, and institutional investors. We understand the value founders have worked so hard to build into their companies and equally understand the cliff on which they are balancing to maintain their value and hang onto their businesses in today’s dire situation. As the leading lawyer-lobbying law firm in New Jersey and well-established in Washington, DC with Congress, the Administration, the SBA, and other federal agencies, we are assisting start-ups in the disaster relief process.

For quality start-ups and other early-stage businesses, the government should, can, and will help, and Gibbons is dedicated to advising and guiding such firms to obtain their desperately needed disaster relief. Please give us a call, and we will assess quickly if we can assist you in obtaining critical disaster relief funds at this time of urgent and dire need. For more information, please contact Robert L. Johnson. We will continue to monitor this situation and update our start-up clients accordingly.

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