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Hoping to Understand the Troll: the FTC Seeks Public Comment on its Proposed Information Requests

On September 27, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), announced that it had unanimously voted to seek public comments on its proposed requests for information from selected Patent Assertion Entities (“PAEs”), typically referred to as “patent trolls.” The FTC’s proposed 6(b) order seeks information from approximately 25 yet-to-be-named PAEs in the wireless communications sector regarding among other things, their “patent acquisition, litigation, and licensing practices.”

The Patent Troll Assaults Continue … But To What End?

Somewhere, someone must have taken the famous cartoon of Elmer Fudd, in full hunting regalia, and changed the caption to read, “Shhhhhhhhhhh, I’m hunting Twolls.” (After securing the appropriate IP permissions, of course.) This past fall, we posed the hypothetical question of whether it was open season for patent trolls, euphemistically referred to as non-practicing entities (“NPEs”) or patent assertion entities (“PAEs”), in the wake of the new 35 U.S.C. § 299.