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Recent Case Reveals Effective Strategy for Responding to NPE Suits

A recent decision from the United States District Court of the District of Hawaii reveals an effective strategy for responding to non-practicing entity (NPE) suits and obtaining leverage early on in the litigation. This strategy takes into account the business model of some NPEs to name many (unconnected) industry players in one lawsuit and plead only bare allegations of patent infringement.

A Quest to Slay the Trolls: Legislative Attempts to Send a Cease and Desist Message to Patent Trolls

Concerns about shake-down patent assertion have prompted response at federal and state levels, from all branches of government. Proposed legislative solutions have included bills that would penalize bad faith claims, impose fines on patent assertion entities (“PAEs”) that send letters with vague allegations of infringement, or make the awarding of attorney’s fees standard in PAE patent litigations. While no legislative proposal answers all the unique challenges patent trolls represent, these lawmaking efforts have highlighted the issue and are prompting other stakeholders to meaningfully assess the holes in the current patent system.

Hoping to Understand the Troll: the FTC Seeks Public Comment on its Proposed Information Requests

On September 27, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), announced that it had unanimously voted to seek public comments on its proposed requests for information from selected Patent Assertion Entities (“PAEs”), typically referred to as “patent trolls.” The FTC’s proposed 6(b) order seeks information from approximately 25 yet-to-be-named PAEs in the wireless communications sector regarding among other things, their “patent acquisition, litigation, and licensing practices.”