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IPXI Clears U.S. Department of Justice Hurdle … Will It Launch?

We have reported extensively on the pending Intellectual Property Exchange International (“IPXI”), the world’s first proposed exchange for licensing intellectual property. In an email blast sent Wednesday morning, Ian McClure, the Director at IPXI, indicated that the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) concluded an eight-month business review of IPXI and issued a Business Review Letter (“BRL”) that highlighted IPXI’s benefits and efficiencies. Importantly, according to IPXI, the DoJ declined to take any enforcement position against the IPXI at this time, as it did not know if IPXI’s activities would raise competitive concerns after operating. The BRL noted several benefits to the IPXI model, including increased licensing efficiency, sublicense transferability and greater transparency.

Update: IPXI Gains Momentum as Five More Entities Join and $10 Million is Secured from Investors

Gibbons published an IP Law Alert this summer describing the forthcoming Intellectual Property Exchange International (“IPXI”). Along with providing background information about how the IPXI will monetize patents, and the process for listing an IP asset on the IPXI, this post discussed the growing pains associated with starting a financial exchange pegged to IP.