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Opening the Flood Gates?: U.S. Supreme Court Holds That Takings Clause Covers Temporary Flooding

When government actions cause flooding of your land, does it constitute a “taking” that triggers the Fifth Amendment’s requirement of “just compensation?” Supreme Court precedent dating back to 1872 teaches that when the flooding is permanent, such as when a new dam creates a lake, a compensable taking has occurred. But what if the flooding is only temporary? Can that constitute a taking? The Federal Circuit said, “Never.” In Arkansas Game and Fish Commission v. United States, the Supreme Court disagreed, and said, “Sometimes.”

N.J. Court Finds No “Temporary Taking” During Abandoned Condemnation Proceeding

A New Jersey Appellate Court ruled against several landowners in Long Branch who sought compensation for losses they allegedly suffered during the pendency of a condemnation action that the city eventually abandoned. In the absence of an actual “declaration of taking,” the Court held in its October 16 opinion, the landowners were not entitled to compensation.