New Jersey Business & Industry Association Recognizes Company Excellence

On Wednesday evening, October 19, 2010, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA) presented its annual “Awards For Excellence” to eleven New Jersey businesses for laudable Business Expansion, Environmental Quality, as Outstanding Employers, and for Public Service. Gibbons P.C. was amongst four companies honored for Public Service, joining two Gibbons clients, Peloton Advantage, LLC, the winner of the Business Expansion Award, and Hall’s Warehouse Corp., honored with a NJ Businesses Environmental Quality Award.

The “Gibbons Cares” community outreach initiative was recognized with a Public Service Award for its support of five focus areas: women in transition, fellowships fostering leadership in the next generation of New Jersey minority students, the City of Newark and its institutions, the needs of New Jersey food banks and the support of charities assisting Gibbons’ extended “family.”

Peloton Advantage, LLC serves the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries by providing publication planning, medical content development and sales training services. Peloton’s “good news” business experience is that it has experienced dramatic and rapid expansion in both numbers of employees, with a 428% increase, and in revenues, up 386% over the last five year period.

Hall’s Warehouse Corp. received an Environmental Quality Award based on its installation of New Jersey’s largest private commercial rooftop solar energy installation. Hall’s has installed 30,282 solar panels or several acres of panels that produce renewable solar energy at its South Plainfield warehouse facility. Hall’s investment in renewable solar power has reduced its carbon emissions by 2,250 tons per year!

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