Guidance for Consumer Product Manufacturers, Distributors, and Sellers

Wide-ranging issues are arising in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis and will continue to impact our clients in a growing number of ways. The Gibbons Consumer Class Action Defense Team is here to help and can work with you to address these critical concerns.

Communication with consumers is critically important for consumer product manufacturers, distributors, and sellers, whether in the form of product labeling, advertising, or direct communications through telephone, text, and email. These communications are fraught with class action hazards that should be addressed in advance.

Particularly in our present environment, product statements or advertising that, for example, promote the ability to stave off infection, increase the body’s immune system functions, or disinfect surfaces, may become subject to challenge in class action lawsuits by entrepreneurial class action attorneys.

Sellers that contact their customers using text messaging platforms or dialing systems need to be particularly wary given the proliferation of TCPA class actions which cause great harm to small and large business alike.

Also, companies seeking to recoup losses may over-aggressively promote their own products in a manner that is illegal and anti-competitive.

Franchisors and franchisees may be faced with economic circumstances that make their current arrangements impractical.

If you have any questions or would like more information about potential class actions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, please contact Michael R. McDonald. Gibbons attorneys have been working closely with clients over the past weeks to navigate emergent, unexpected challenges in these and other wide-ranging areas. Over the coming days, Gibbons will continue reaching out regularly to clients to let you know the various ways we can assist you with advice, counsel, best practices, and creative solutions for this turbulent situation, to help you ensure operational continuity and emerge from the current crisis.

To view all client alerts in Gibbons “The Coronavirus Pandemic and Your Business: How We Can Help” Series, click here. Please also be sure to follow Gibbons on LinkedIn for a continuous feed of COVID-19 related updates and other important business, industry, and firm news.

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