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Wrigley v. Cadbury: Judge Newman Emphasizes Commercial Success and Copying

In WM. Wrigley Jr. v. Cadbury Adams USA, a recent Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit decision related to chewing gum patents, Wrigley brought suit against Cadbury for infringement of its U.S. Patent Number 6,627,233 (“the ‘233 patent”) claiming a chewing gum including a combination of menthol and a physiological cooling agent, WS-23. Cadbury counterclaimed against Wrigley for infringement of Cadbury’s U.S. Patent Number 5,009,893 (“the ‘893 patent”) claiming a chewing gum including menthol and a similar cooling agent entitled WS-3.

Therasense and Microsoft v. i4i: A View From the Bench

On October 25, 2011, The Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology and the New Jersey Intellectual Property Law Association are proud to present “The Ninth Annual Fall Lecture Series” featuring the Honorable Joel Pisano who will present his observations from the bench on two recent, much-awaited intellectual property law decisions: Therasense v. Becton Dickson and Microsoft v. i4i. In Therasense, the Federal Circuit finally resolved key inequitable conduct issues that had been in a state of vacillation for decades. In Microsoft, Justice Sotomayor presented the majority opinion on the standard of proof required for patent invalidity, a key consideration for all practitioners.