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Solar Energy Development in New Jersey: Right Time, Right Place!

All of us are intrigued by the concept of utilizing a clean, renewable energy source to generate abundant and cheap power for our homes and businesses. Some of us have even investigated installing a renewable energy system, but have come away disappointed due to onerous regulatory obstacles and the high cost associated with these installations. That is, unless you are looking into installing a solar energy power facility in New Jersey.

Green or Not to Green, That is the Question? Whether it is Nobler to Build a Green Building or Suffer the Ignominy of an Ungreen One

With energy costs high and the focus on combating global warming, there is an impetus toward encouraging the development of Green Buildings. Buildings account for 39% of the total energy usage in the U.S., two thirds of the electricity consumption and 1/8 of the water usage. Building codes, setting minimum standards for construction, now include standards for energy efficiency. Green Codes are creeping in.

“Green” Lease Forms Posted

The Real Property Association of Canada posted “green” lease forms for single building and multi-building projects. The forms address sustainability principles and objectives and enable landlords and tenants to establish sustainability targets for energy, water, indoor air quality, and recycling. The forms also have provisions that enable landlords to carry out “green” renovations to existing building stock, and anticipate and provide for both carbon offsetting by a landlord, and future carbon trading. Users can also register to receive updates on the forms.

Green Home Remodeling Guidelines Version 1.0

Rutgers’ Center for Green Building released New Jersey Green Home Remodeling Guidelines Version 1.0 during the New Jersey State League of Municipalities 94th Annual Conference in Atlantic City on November 20, 2009. The documentation details green building practices homeowners or remodeling professionals can incorporate into common home remodeling projects.